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A (Vitamin) – can be derived from egg yolk or fish liveroils used in nutritional food supplements and cosmetics. 
albumen - (egg white) protein part of an egg, usedin food as a binder.
alcohol - many types of alcohol are refined usinganimal-derived ingredients, such as *isinglass .
(*Viva! runs a vegan wine and beer club – contact them for a free catalogue (see their details at end). 

alpaca – clothing material derived from the alpaca, a mammal related to the llama with long shaggy hair. 
anchovy – small fish of the herring family, often used as a flavour enhancer. Found in Worcester sauce and pizza toppings. 
angora – wool fibre obtained from goats (called *mohair) or *rabbits and used in clothing. The shearing process can be painful and traumatic. Angora rabbits are routinely strapped to boards for shearing which is very stressful and males are killed at birth as have low wool yields. 
animal fat – fat derived from slaughtered animals. This is boiled off the skin and used in many processed foods eg baked and pastry products, margarines, soups and stocks as well as soaps. 
aspic - used as a glazing agent from meat or fish-derived jelly. 
astrakhan - luxury clothing material derived from the skin of stillborn or very young lambs from a breed of sheep originating from Astrakhan in Russia.