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Kangaroo – 4.4 million kangaroos were shot in Australia in 2004 for their meat and skin. *Viva! stopped UK supermarkets selling kangaroo meat, however some pubs and restaurants sell it. Adidas and other sports manufacturers use their skin for football boots. When mothers are shot, joeys in the pouch are pulled out and bludgeoned. Older baby joeys always die from hunger, cold or predation. Many top footballers (such as Ronaldo) wear synthetic boots. 
karakul - (Persian lamb) – Unborn lamb pelt produced in Afghanistan derived by killing mother sheep just before she gives birth. Used to make luxury coats and hats. 
keratin - protein found in hair, horns, hooves and feathers, used in shampoos and conditioners. 
kid - baby goat. 
kobe – ‘luxury’ beef meat from the Wagyu breed of cattle raised on a specialised diet. Heavily marbled throughout with streaks of saturated (unhealthy) fat.