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sable – fur from small mammal, the sable marten, used in artists’ paint brushes and make-up brushes. 
shahtoosh – fabric made from the Tibetan antelope which is killed to obtain the fine under-fleece used to weave shahtoosh shawls. Trade in these antelopes is illegal due to their endangered status. 
shearling – the skin of lambs with wool attached. 
sheepskin - sheep leather used in clothing and rugs made from slaughtered lambs and sheep. 
shellac (E904) – insect secretion, used as a candied sweet glaze and also added to hair spray, lip sealer and polishes. 
silk – cloth derived from the fibre produced by certain silkworm moth larvae. Larvae are killed by boiling in order to obtain the silk. 
smokies – the meat of exotic (and often endangered) animals as well as sheep and goats that have been slaughtered without pre-stunning and had their skins blowtorched. This practice is illegal in the UK but a growing black market exists, supplying West African communities throughout Britain. 
Soil Association - considered to be the most stringent of the *farm assurance schemes and guaranteeing the products they certify are *organic. Labelled on foods as UK5. 
sponge - bathing product made from skeletons of ‘primitive’ aquatic animals. 
squalene - found in livers of sharks, used in toiletries and cosmetics. 
stearic acid (E570) – fat from cows, sheep and pigs. Used in medicines, toiletries and cosmetics. Synthetic vegetarian alternatives are available. 
spermaceti wax – waxy oil derived from the head of sperm whales and also from dolphins. Used in cosmetics and toiletries. 
suede – very soft *kid, pig or calf skin, made into luxury clothes and footwear. 
suet - hard fat used in cooking made from the kidneys of cattle and sheep. Vegetable suet is widely available. 
sugar – many cane sugars are processed (refined) using *charcoal (charred animal bones). Tate & Lyle and Billingtons sugars are processed without animal charcoal and Silver Spoon white (but not brown) sugar is likewise. 
supplements – nutritional food supplements (vitamins, minerals, protein powders etc) can contain either animal or plant-derived substances. Many are coated in animal-derived *gelatine capsules.