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A veggie breakfast is just the same as a non-veggie breakfast, minus the cruelty of course! You can’t go wrong with cereal, toast and juice. Vegans opt for soya milk instead of cow’s milk. For cold winter mornings porridge is advisable, with a fat blob of golden syrup in the centre! Toast toppings include jam, peanut butter and yeast extract (eg Marmite). Crumpets and bagels may also be enjoyed by veggies. Muesli fans don’t have to miss out either, you can top the muesli with soya yoghurt and fresh fruit.


If you’re a full-English breakfast kinda person, don’t worry you won’t miss out on a veggie diet! You can have grilled veggie sausages, veggie rashers, baked beans, mushrooms, waffles, scrambled tofu and fried onions.



Think generous and give the good old British sandwich a make-over. Variety is the spice of life, so ditch the white bread and try malted brown, wholemeal, French bread, ciabatta, pitta bread, bagels and olive bread. Experiment with your toppings:

  • mashed banana
  • marmite and tomato
  • vegetable pate
  • a veggie BLT
  • soya cheese and pickle
  • veggie sausages
  • falafel with houmous and salad
  • spicy bean burger with almond butter and banana
  • avocado, with fresh lemon and black pepper, and red onion
  • fake ‘meats’ like chicken and ham are available in health food stores and major supermarkets and taste great with salad and veggie mayo
  • for vegans missing egg mayo we recommend plain tofu, mashed with a fork mixed with Plamil egg-free mayo, very finely chopped onion, turmeric and black pepper

Or you could have a jacket potato with baked beads, chilli non carne or curry. Or, the old favourite, a delicious veggie soup with lovely crusty bread for dipping!



No doubt you will continue to feast on crisps and chocolate in moderation, however, try out a few healthy veggie snacks too. Carrot, cucumber and celery are great for dipping into veggie mayonnaise, houmous or soya yoghurt. Dried fruit (such as mango or raisons), fresh fruit, nuts and seeds are great for snacking on because they give you lots of energy and help you to concentrate.



The Viva! Activists have come up with a selection of mouth-watering recipes to please any veggie critic. All the recipes are quick and easy to make and will have all your friends desperate for a dinner invitation in no time!