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Classroom tasks

Practical cookery exercises, quizzes and excersises and activities for the classroom.

Tasks and activities for the classroom


Brush up on your knowledge of plant-based protein with our handy quiz!

How healthy are you? Test your nutrition knowledge.

Classroom exercises

We all know that typical fast food meals are not ideal for our health! But what do you think is best out of Beefburger in a Hamburger White Bun with Chips and Tomato Sauce versus Veggie Burger in a Wholemeal Roll with Potato Wedges and a Green Salad?

Work out which recipes are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, meat-eaters and people who are lactose intolerant and coeliac (gluten-free) or wheat intolerant. 

Everyone knows we need to eat fruit and veg for good health. The UK government tells us to have at least 5 portions every day for good health. But what is a portion size?


Practical cookery exercises