Films to Watch

Take a peek at the following videos as a way of introducing your students to the topic of veganism! These could be useful resources for particular subjects, as a way of filling tutor time, or for extra-curricular lessons. Whatever you decide to use them for, we bet that they’ll get the students interested and engaged in talking about veganism!

Geography & Conservation

Watch our 2-minute video which explains in simple terms how the food we eat has a worldwide impact.

Our planet is intricately connected, with our rainforests being torn down to grow crops for farmed animals. These crops are exported worldwide, including to the UK for feed farm animals, who are commonly housed in factory farms. As factory farms grow, more land is cleared to feed more animals…

Top Fact: 17KG of plant protein is needed to produce just 1KG of animal protein!!!

Watch our powerful 2-minute video demonstrating how and why we are facing the sixth mass extinction.

Warning: Some graphic footage. 

Watch this video to learn how you can save wildlife

Religion and Ethics / Tutor Time / Extra-Curricular / Animal Ethics

Find out what happens behind the closed doors of a zero grazing dairy farm.

Warning: some upsetting scenes.

Watch this video explaining how turkeys are farmed in the UK

Watch the trailer for our Netflix documentary - HOGWOOD: a modern horror story

Each day, you are bombarded with messages reassuring you that the UK has the highest welfare standards in the world. Through careful marketing and misleading labels, we are led to believe that farmed animals are well cared for and that eating meat is natural, normal and necessary. It’s time to uncover the truth. This is the film the meat industry doesn’t want you to see, but it is important for pupils to understand where their food comes from. 

Vegan Celebrities

Watch the latest episodes of our Viva! podcast, speaking with vegan celebs including comedian Romesh Ranganathan, Eurovision star Sam Ryder and rugby player Brendan Bale. 

Food Technology

Take a look at Vegan Recipe Club, Viva!’s top culinary resource; a website and free app providing over 1000 delicious, tried-and-tested vegan recipes which are accessible for all! Watch the videos below for some creative inspiration. 

And now, you can also check out our stunning new cookbook  Everyone Can Cook Vegan.

The book is aimed at all levels of skill, from novice chefs to seasoned professionals. There are serving suggestions and tips throughout to provide inspiration and to jazz up meals, helping you transform cooking from a mundane task into a taste sensation.

The cookbook has been created for those who love delicious food but can’t stand fuss. The recipes are super accessible – no trawling to multiple shops for obscure ingredients – with easy-to-follow instructions.

Science / Biology

Watch Viva!’s 3-minute video which explains in simple terms the origins of pandemics and how animal agriculture is inextricably linked. 

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