Welcome Educators

Thank you on behalf of your students, animals and the planet for taking the time to look into veganism and how best to support your students when it comes to veganism and animal issues in the classroom. Your dedication to shaping young minds is admirable and we’re thrilled to have you as part of our community!

Viva! recognises the pivotal role that teachers play in shaping the future of their students and our aim is to provide you with the resources and engaging content that empowers you to inspire your students towards a kinder, more sustainable world.

What to Expect from Teach Vegan as an Educator

Inspiring School Speakers

Viva! has trained secondary school speakers who are prepared to give talks to your class free of charge on the topic of veganism and any area surrounding these topics. Talks may include subjects such as:

  • Does the treatment of animals used for food matter?
  • What is the impact of factory farming on animals and society?
  • The impact of animal farming on our global environment.
  • Why is the avoidance of animal products increasing in the UK and why is society changing?

These talks help to equip pupils with the skills and knowledge to explore these key political and social issues critically, to weight evidence, debate and help them to make reasoned arguments.

Viva! Has been giving school talks across the UK for almost 30 years!


Engaging Cookery Demonstrations

Our speakers would be delighted to give a cookery demonstration to your students. This may help your class understand how to use, for example, alternative sources of protein and how to adapt meat-meals for a vegan family member…. its super simple to make a meat meal into a vegan meal with so many alternatives on the market!

The cost of each demonstration is £10 and can be paid by XX (this small cost is towards the cost of ingredients for your class)


Viva! Student Resource Packs

We have a range of FREE and discounted student resource packs available on our Viva! Shop. Click the below links to browse this range!

Citizenship Teachers FREE and discounted resources

Food Technology Teachers FREE and discounted resources


If you’re interested in any of the above, please look at our speakers for teachers page and fill in the form at the base. If you’d like to check our our classroom FAQs , this page will allow you to access lots of common questions parents/teachers/students ask/are asked.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email uni@viva.org.uk and we’ll look forward to getting in touch.

Films to Watch

Have a look at the following videos as a way of starting debates and introducing your students to the topic of veganism in a variety of ways.

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